Persevering through sorrow

Life is painful and stressful. To different degrees, we all have experienced anxiety and sorrow. But because these things can be difficult to engage with, we often avoid dealing with them. I know this is true not only because of my experience as a biblical counsellor but also because it is my own tendency! When life becomes too much, avoiding re

Depression Overview

Depression is more than just a bad day. It’s a change in mood and function that is obvious throughout the day and doesn’t shift over a period of time. To consider whether someone may be struggling with depression, we would look for a number of the following symptoms to be present at the same time: Depressed mood

Depression’s Battle

I wake up in the morning and it’s a struggle to get out of bed. The thought of getting through the day feels overwhelming. There is a numbness in my thoughts as I go through the motion of getting ready for the day. Hopelessness seeps through every pore of my soul. I check my diary a few times to remind myself of what is on today because I keep

Anxiety, fear, and the peace of God

Random question: Do you ever feel your life resembles an ant trying to cross the N2 in peak time traffic? Obstacles abound. Everything is too fast, too large, too loud, too demanding, too dangerous. You feel small and vulnerable in response; crushed by the whirl of life, your greatest efforts seem futile. So you think, you imagine, you hide, you

Time Period